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2015-07-10 Lauren Lunch 1Yesterday I took lunch to a friend’s house. My friend is pregnant and required to take it easy, so it was a nice opportunity to pay back some of the good will I received during my pregnancy. I opted for a quiche and made a couple of salads from one of my favorite recipe books: Annie and Margrit – Recipes and Stories from the Robert Mondavi Kitchen.

2015-07-10 Luaren Lunch 2Margrit is 2015-07-10 Lauren Lunch 3the widow of the wine mogul Robert Mondavi. My husband and I had the opportunity to meet her during a lunch at the Robert Mondavi Winery while in Napa. Within the private dining room just two tables were set; our party (a wine tasting luncheon) and one other that included Margrit BIever Mondavi.

Margrit very graciously agreed to sign her cook book and seemed genuinely interested to talk with another European and to share her interest in Chicago. Ever since I have enjoyed making her recipes…

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