Brother To Brother: Kindling A Fire That Heals (Pt. 4)



*This the last segment of a four part series, between myself and Tabias Olajuawon of Blaqueerflow. After witnessing weeks of violence birthed from white supremacies, coupled with bursts of queer victories, we decided to create a healing space together where could process the intersections of our Black & Queer existences. We invite you to join us. To catch up on the dialogue, read the Tabias’ original post here, my response here, and the third segment, to which this is in response, here.*


I have stopped and started this letter over and over for days now. I keep finding myself writing my thoughts down for just a few moments before erasing them. Breathing. Thinking. Writing again. Erasing. Breathing. Thinking. Refusing to feel. There’s so much to feel right now. It’s as though my skin has been rubbed off and every speck of dust in every…

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